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The Dimension Door Podcast: Severed Fate

Severed Fate is The Dimension Door's second campaign: an actual-play of Paizo's Carrion Crown adventure path. Come along as Game Master Amanda Kreitler guides a trio of dhampir bards played by Zac Kreitler, Madison Rogers, and Nick Thunder.


Amanda Kreitler

Amanda (she/her) is your Game Mistress. With her 3 notebooks of Dread, Horror, and Terror, she plots ways to take her players through insanity and back for a fun adventure in the world of horror.


Amanda has been playing Pathfinder since 2016 and has been a Co-GM with Zac since 2018, running Paizo’s Iron Gods and Giant Slayer adventure paths. Besides a short one-shot for her 12 yr old son & friends, this is her first creep through the dark totally alone. Don't worry, though: she’s got your back... bone! Muahahahahaha!


When Amanda isn't scaring the pants off the PCs or voicing Marge in Dimension Door's Reign of Winter campaign, she enjoys singing, being a mom and wife, watching horror movies, and even more Pathfinder!

Amanda Kreitler

Zachary Kreitler

Zac (he/him) is an audio engineer and musician. He has an affection for bass guitar and all furry animals. In 2008, he picked up a ‘77-era edition of D&D 1e (came with original dice!) and started running modules and home-brews. In 2016, he began playing Pathfinder with the rest of what has since become the Dimension Door crew. He currently plays in, scores, and edits both The Dimension Door and Severed Fate podcasts. (May the gods have mercy on his soul.)


Zac’s Severed Fate character is Narcissa. Despite being the only female, Narcissa just might have the most masculine energy in her whole half-vampire family. As an Urban Bloodrager, she has learned to control her rage and focus it only when and where appropriate. She has an affection for bass guitar and all furry animals.

Zac Kreitler

Madison Rogers

Madison Rogers

Madison (he/him) has been playing D&D and Pathfinder almost non-stop since 2014. When he is dragged away from his ever-growing hoard of dice, he has put skill points into Knowledge: Computers and Profession: System Administrator.


Madison plays one of the three dhampir siblings in Severed Fate: Sunny, a summoner.

Nick Thunder

What does Nick (he/him) love the most? The nap he takes after Thanksgiving dinner? Maybe. The first warm summer rain? Nah. Pathfinder? Yer damn right.


Nick has been playing since 2016 and is thrilled to be bringing nice guy Paz to life in Severed Fate. Raised in the forest by satyrs, Paz has grown up lacking any kind of formal education, but what he lacks in book smarts, he more than makes up for in street smarts and intuition. Will he be able to keep cool amid the horrors of Carrion Crown? Guess we'll see.

Nick Thunder

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